About Inventíva

Business innovation and leadership development drive our company.


Our customized leadership programs and initiatives help organizations and their leadership create extraordinary success by supporting their team members’ professional development and performance.

Through our leadership training(s) and coaching, leaders are able to:

  • Build their inner confidence.
  • Improve their presence.
  • Step more fully into their natural, genuine power.
  • Visualize their path to success.
  • Discover and eliminate their blind spots.
  • Develop greater self-awareness.
  • Maximize their impact at work, in communities, and in the world.

As participants become vulnerable, they become more empathetic and relatable. These leaders are the ones who are most trusted and, through authentic connection, more capable of inspiring their team(s) and impacting organizational results.Our programmatic design and conscious execution methods provide a proven process that helps participants achieve more as leaders and contributors.

Participants discover what keeps them stuck and gain the tools for getting unstuck. They learn to break old habits of internal negativity and cultural inhibitions, among others that have been holding them back. Jettisoning this baggage allows them the opportunity to grow and create a positive impact in all aspects of their lives.

Participants claim their own “empowering leadership capacity” by recognizing, nurturing, harnessing, strengthening, and refining existing capabilities. Our programs guide participants to unlock their talents in order to achieve success and create beneficial outcomes across all the roles they play. Participants learn to lead themselves and incorporate different approaches within their own leadership. They learn multiple ways to lead others to achieve greater organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

At Our Core

At the foundation of Inventíva’s core values are unparalleled focus and authentic care. We guide with compassion and lead with integrity. We invent new possibilities and encourage the potential within ourselves and others as we seek full and passionate engagement, presence, and commitment.

The Inventíva Vision

We see a world of happy, healthy, wise, and wealthy individuals.

Our Mission

To develop and support authentic leaders.

Our Commitment

To generate trust, awareness, empathy, and responsibility.


A leader is someone at any level who is caring, generous, and responsible.

Unstoppable means knowing and believing that anything is possible in life. It includes being resourceful, forward thinking, impactful, persevering, consistent and accountable.

A team that leads with confidence is unstoppable. A team that leads with passion and conviction creates elevated and influential leadership in any environment – impacting and inspiring others. This is the Inventíva experience.


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