Inspire, Motive and Activate

Inventiva is a multicultural boutique firm that provides a unique approach (through multiple modalities and cross-cultural coaching strategies) to developing talent and energizing teams, and designing executing business & marketing strategies. We help companies design a more strategic and profitable future by saving them time, energy and money while increasing their productivity and profits.

Mission “To let our passion for creativity, diversity and excellence flow through the comprehensive professional services we provide and inspire and energize employees, volunteers and/or teams to carry out the client’s mission and have the client’s vision become a reality.”

Vision “Our client’s organizations are successful, profitable and well managed entities who make a lasting positive impact in their communities and around the world.”

Core Values
1. Innovation—Tap into talent’s creativity and diversity to create new opportunities and solve problems
2. Commitment—Create a positive impact on the world
3. AccountabilityCross-team leadership, accountability and problem-solving
4. Diversity and Inclusion—Utilize talent, skills and ideas to create new opportunities
5. Excellence—Simply the best in everything we do

Core Purpose
“To help clients leverage the talents and skills of their most precious resource: their staff, in order to develop the innovative solutions needed to solve our client’s problems.”