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Our customized leadership programs and initiatives help organizations create extraordinary success by supporting their team members’ development and performance.

Programs For Team Leaders

Inventíva guides team members through an experiential leadership journey that allows them to tap into their own potential to strategically lead themselves and others.

Becoming Unstoppable

Becoming Unstoppable is for leaders who would like to courageously level up their leadership, move forward with confidence, connect with empathy, and inspire through vision.


Being Unstoppable is for those who choose to learn a more effective way to lead by stepping into a new reality. In changing environments, it requires letting go of the way you have been leading by learning and adapting new leadership skills. As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Be brave and continuously create new ways of being for an ever-changing world.

Fierce Leadership

Fierce Leadership is designed for leaders who are ready to effectively and efficiently lead in a variety of environments.

Fierce Leadership is for individuals who want to gain a competitive edge in life and in their workplace. Participants increase their self-awareness, becoming more collaborative by sharing their leadership power. We will be presenting on topics around leading in either opportune or difficult situations with the mindset to move through them with clarity, openness, and resourcefulness.

Impact Coach

Impact Coach is for leaders who are looking to make an extraordinary difference.

Impact Coach is for individuals who choose to act with courage, vulnerability, authenticity, empathy, and compassion to enhance every aspect of life while caring for their workplace, families, communities and the world. . Making choices that align with our authentic self gives us access to bring our vision to life. Leaders as Impact Coaches have new insights on how to: 1) inspire others to follow them, 2) help others get unstuck, and 3) instill confidence in others so they too are able to make a significant impact.

Participating in any of the above programs will take your leadership skills to the next level and inspire those you lead like never before.

Programs For Women Leaders

Inventíva assists women leaders to honor themselves, own their power, share their insights and gifts, while powerfully leading their families, their teams, and their communities.

Women Leading Boldly

Women Leading Boldly is for women who are ready to touch, move, inspire, nurture, and support each other in achieving their latent potential.

Women Leading Boldly is a place to foster sisterhood, growth, success, and community. Through peer support and coaching, this circle of women encourages and lifts each other up to achieve their goals, aspirations, and dreams. We will be presenting on relevant topics around mindset, strategies, and tactics for both the good times and the hard times.

Programs For Speakers

Inventíva equips speakers with effective tools and tips that allow them to master their signature stories, increase their confidence as speakers, emotionally and intellectually captivate their audience(s), and create powerful connections that inspire people to action.

Speaking to Impact

Speaking to Impact is for individuals who want to enhance their speaking skills.

Speaking to Impact is an experiential webinar for speakers that provides advanced tools to communicate effectively and powerfully. Participants will begin to own their topics at deeper levels, embracing their power to engage more strongly with their audience and inspire them to take action. We will cover relevant topics around mindset, speech layout, and delivery, as well as various proven strategies and tactics.


Yoko Tavares

Since I’ve started my journey with you, I have uncovered many amazing attributes about myself. I’ve become more of an authentic human being because of this journey. My family and I thank you for your guidance. Rocío, you have shown me that it is possible to be an enthusiastic, energetic, loving, and caring person. Today, I can certainly assure you that I am UNSTOPPABLE.

~ Yoko Tavares Healthcare Professional

James Foster

Bravo, Rocío. Rarely does someone of such candor and integrity, express the emotional challenges and tool-sets required to reach and sustain the leadership potential in all of us. Through relatable and often personal anecdotes, Rocío Pérez’s book outlines a journey of both personal and professional growth – a series of immersive exercises that are both thought provoking and unambiguously inspiring.

~ James Foster National Bank Founder, Entrepreneur, Board Member

Diego Sandoval

As someone with a very typical engineering character, shy, quiet, reserved and introverted, learning the leadership skills taught by Rocío has always pumped me up! She is able to deliver this energy that fills you and gets you in the right frequency. I am thrilled as I have learned skills that have helped me overcome my introvert being and have allowed me to grow as an individual and as a professional.

~ Diego Sandoval-Torres President, SHPE Colorado Professional Chapter

Kenneth R.

I wasn’t sure if I would learn new things and feel like today was worth the time & money, but I can confidently say it was. Talking the time to truly open up and unpack what I didn’t even know was holding me back will certainly make me better prepared to attack the future, and seize the opportunities presented to me while boldly going after my goals.

~ Kenneth R., Global Entrepreneur

A team that leads with confidence is unstoppable. A team that leads with passion and conviction creates elevated and influential leadership in any environment – impacting and inspiring others. This is the Inventíva experience.


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